Who We Serve

Professional Computer Consulting for a Select Group of Stanislaus County’s Most Progressive Small Businesses

We understand that a lot of small businesses would like to find a talented computer consultant, who charges a low, hourly rate and will come running… quickly… whenever a problem pops up.

If that’s the type of computer-repair service you’re looking for, then quite honestly, we’re probably not the IT Support Company for you.

Act now… or act later? Your choice…

We understand that proper care of a computer network requires a proactive approach.

Simply waiting for problems to happen before you take action only invites more problems and steals valuable productivity.

The companies we work with understand this too… and as a result, they enjoy greater performance and reliability from their systems… as well as far lower, long-term support costs.

Are we the right firm for you?

For us to be able to provide a strong and reliable level of service, it’s important that the companies we serve meet a certain level of criteria.

  • We serve small businesses exclusively. Between five and twenty-five employees and no more than three servers.


  • We support Windows and Mac servers and workstations. Sorry, no Linux, Unix or Sun systems.


  • We serve businesses located within Stanislaus County only.


  • We serve businesses that maintain a budget adequate enough to keep the computer systems reasonably up to date. We can’t do our job properly if the equipment we’re supporting is simply too old, too outdated or no longer supported by the manufacturer.


If you believe that our two companies would be a good fit for one another, then please give us a call at 209-527-5788 and let’s discuss how Valley Computer Systems can be of service to you.