Dedicated Support

Hire an Independent Computer Consultant to Manage My Network? Are You MAD??!!

Don’t I need a big company with a team of consultants?


Think for a moment what your IDEAL support experience would be.

Even if you were to hire a huge consulting firm boasting a staff of hundreds of qualified consultants… ultimately, isn’t it going to come down to just ONE primary consultant who will be your main point of contact and will be responsible for caring for your network?

Hopefully, they’ll be sending you a consultant…

  • who is highly responsive to your needs

  • who is highly responsive when you call

  • who knows your systems intimately

  • who knows (and is well liked by) all members of your staff

  • who has the technical qualifications to support the systems you have now, and

  • is knowledgeable enough to make the right recommendations for your business down the road?


This better be one fantastic consultant they’re sending you. Hopefully it’s one of their TOP consultants. But will it be?

You want their top consultant. Are you their top Client?

Big firms that have lots of consultants… have lots of overhead. Lots of overhead means they need lots of clients. If they have lots of clients, who do you think will be getting their very best talent? (I’m betting it’ll be the client that consistently gets the biggest invoice at the end of every month. What do you think?)

With Valley Computer Systems, you are guaranteed to get the very best Computer Consultant Modesto has to offer! I have over 14 years of experience and a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist.And you’ll be hard-pressed to find an employee of any big firm who will care half as much about the health of your business than I will!

Do you want a handful of consultants… or a force of THOUSANDS?

Big firms will tell you that “if one of our consultants can’t fix your problem, they can turn to the other qualified members of our team and together we’ll get the problem resolved quickly!”

That’s great. After all, no single individual can be expected to know everything there is to know about every piece of technology out there.

But when Valley Computer Systems runs into an issue that is immediately identified as anything more complex than a “quick fix”, I don’t ask my buddy if he’s ever seen the problem before. No, I immediately go directly to the source…

I have direct relationships with just about every major technology manufacturer and distributor there is… Microsoft, Dell, HP, CDW, Symantec, Cisco, Apple, Netgear, and AVG

When a problem arises that I can’t fix immediately, I go directly to the team that made the product, who does nothing but support that product day in and day out. You can bet that the professional support personnel manning the help desks have much more experience and support resources in their knowledge base than any individual computer tech.

(Oh, and I also have hundreds of my own buddies too on the many technical forums that I actively participate in. My force of specialist friends who I can turn to for assistance when needed goes way beyond a couple of co-workers.)

What about backups?

What happens when the big firm can’t get your primary consultant over to you when you need him (which will happen often enough since he’s got to support a large client list to keep them profitable, right?) Well, fortunately, they can send over a backup consultant.

So what’s an Independent Computer Consultant like me to do? Naturally I can’t be in two places at once… or can I?

Well, as long as I have my trusty laptop in hand (which is always), or I’m at any location with a computer and Internet access, I can instantly connect with any of your workstations or servers. And with my Proactive Maintenance Plan in place monitoring your systems and keeping problems to a minimum, I am able to address over 85% of all issues remotely. So wherever I am, I’m never more than a few mouse clicks away from being “in” your office.

And on the rare occasion when you might absolutely need me on-site at your office, but for whatever reason I can’t get there quickly… I have an excellent partnership with a very talented, local IT Support firm who is always quick to back me up and be my on-site eyes, ears and fingers.

Employee or Boss. Your choice.

Big firms have high turnover. In fact, the IT Industry has one of the highest turnover rates in the nation. You might be quite fond of the consultant they’re dedicating to your account… but don’t get too attached. That consultant is just doing his “job”… and if a better one happens to come along, you can be fairly sure he’s going to jump at the opportunity. And you’ll be starting with a brand new consultant all over again.

With Valley Computer Systems however, supporting your business is MY business. The only opportunity I’m looking for is ways to continuously improve my service to you, so that you’ll remain my client for as long as I can possibly keep you absolutely thrilled.

Don’t like what you’ve been handed?

A big firm does have an advantage though… If you don’t happen to like the consultant they’re sending you, they might get another chance to keep you. They can send in their “plan b” and hope he does a better job at keeping you happy.

With Valley Computer Systems, well if you don’t like the service I provide, unfortunately you’ll probably be moving on to another provider. Lucky for you, I’m giving you a full 30 days at no cost and no risk to try me out, get to know me and see for yourself how much you’ll absolutely LOVE my service.

Let’s see one of the “big guys” match that offer.