Why Us?

How Can You Be Sure That Valley Computer Systems… The Top Computer Consulting Company In Modesto… Is Right For You?

Here’s NINE Very Good Reasons.

Choosing an IT support provider is no easy task. You’re selecting a company that will be directly responsible for caring for your most valuable and important business asset.

How can you be sure that the team you choose is up to the task?

Well, here’s NINE solid reasons why Valley Computer Systems is the best computer consulting company in Modesto to support your small business network.

1. We’re Extremely Responsive – We know that few things are more frustrating than having a computer problem and not being able to get a hold of your computer consultant quickly. If you contact Valley Computer Systems by phone or email, we promise to respond to you in 30 minutes or less. We Guarantee It!

2. We Fix it Fast! – When you have a computer problem, you want it fixed NOW! Not hours, or even days later when your consultant finally makes time to get to you. With Valley Computer Systems, providing that the computer is accessible remotely, we will begin working on the issue within one hour of you reporting the problem. Guaranteed!

3. We Fix It Right… The 1st Time! – What’s more frustrating? Having a problem recur over and over again, even though your consultant says it’s fixed?… Or getting an enormous bill for all the times he tried… unsuccessfully… to fix it? At Valley Computer Systems, we’ll get the problem fixed the first time and have you confirm that the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction. If the problem then reoccurs within 30 days, we’ll continue to work on the issue at no charge until it’s permanently resolved. Guaranteed!

4. You’re ALWAYS Protected – We don’t just peek in on your network to see what’s doing whenever you have a problem. Nor do we check in on a regularly scheduled time period. No… we are in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION with your network! If a problem, alert or warning occurs, large or small, an INSTANT notification is sent to all members of our team so that we can jump into action immediately.l

5. We’re Completely Transparent – Other consultants might tell you that they’re keeping an eye on your systems… but how do you know for sure? Will you wait until a crisis strikes before you find out that someone wasn’t doing their job properly? With Valley Computer Systems, you have always-available-access to the very same Network Health Dashboard that we’re using to monitor your network. You’ll also be able to receive the same instant alert notifications that we get whenever a problem occurs. If there is a problem on your network, you’ll know about it… and if the problem isn’t being addressed promptly by us, you’ll know that too.

6. Never a Surprise Invoice – Our billing is primarily flat-fee based. If service is required that is not included in your flat rate, your authorization is required before we begin any billable work. If we’re working on a project for you that falls outside of your flat-rate maintenance plan, we provide you with a fixed price proposal which is capped and guaranteed. You will never be billed a single hour that you have not authorized and are completely aware of.

7. We Provide Stellar Reporting – When monitoring or supporting your network, a lot of the work can happen “behind the scenes”. We keep you completely informed of absolutely everything IT related through regular, comprehensive reporting. You get real-time, web-accessible inventory reports, daily and weekly Network Health Status reports, instant email alerts for any issues arising on the network, real-time, web-accessible service reporting and detailed, monthly service reports of all work that’s been provided over the last 30 days. With Valley Computer Systems, your finger is always on the pulse of what’s going on with your IT.

8. Take Advantage of Our Reseller Pricing – As a major reseller of Dell, HP, Lenovo, Trend Micro and more, we receive discounted (often deeply discounted) pricing on hardware and software purchases. We never mark-up any of this equipment, but rather we simply pass on these savings to our valued clients.

9. Are We Right For You? You Risk NOTHING To Find Out – With other IT Support Firms, you’ll go through meetings, reviewing their marketing materials, checking references, interviewing their consultants… it’s a process. And you still won’t know if they can live up to all their promises… until they’re working for you… and charging you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have some kind of hands-on proof that the firm you hire is every bit as qualified as they claim to be… without having to rely on a sales pitch, or having to shell out your hard earned cash just to discover you made a mistake?

Well, with Valley Computer Systems, you get to experience our entire suite of services for a full 30 Days, without risking a dime!

So give us a call today at 209-527-5788 and see for yourself why Valley Computer Systems is the best computer consulting firm Modesto has to offer.